Corporate and commercial

We assist you in drafting and negotiating all types of commercial contracts, including tenders, subcontracts, purchases, supplies, EPC and O&M, distributorships, leases, rentals, sponsorship, agency, non-disclosure agreements, and agreements related to e-commerce and networking agreement (so called “contratti di rete”), as well as in the drafting and reviewing of general terms and conditions.

At Laward such activity is not limited to providing you with our expertise in the execution of new contracts, but we also assist you in reviewing and amending the contracts already in use, in order to make such contracts compliant with applicable laws, subject to continuous evolution, and suitable for your concrete and specific needs, providing, in this way, a service personalized and customized on the operating characteristics of your business.

We assist you with accuracy and timeliness in all aspects of corporate law in ordinary and day-by-day transactions, also with regard to the shareholders’ meetings and meetings of the board of directors of your company.

We intend to establish an ongoing and long-term relationships with you, in close cooperation with your in-house legal team.

M&A and private equity

If you plan or are considering to acquire a competitor, or to dispose of your company, or to make your company founded by new investors, or to enter into a joint-venture to find new end markets, or to invest in a promising enterprise, we are by your side to give you the best advice.

We assist you in M&A and private equity transactions, leveraging the knowledge of multiple industry sectors gained through the ordinary corporate assistance.

In particular, if you are an industrial player or a professional investor, we assist you in acquisitions or disposals of shareholdings and businesses, mergers, spin-offs, transfers and contributions of businesses and business units, capital increases, joint-venture agreements, draft and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements, always taking care of every aspect and advising you during all the phases of such transactions.

Venture capital and startup

We assist entrepreneurs, business angels, incubators and venture capitalists during all the phases of seed and early stage investments in the capital of startups, from the negotiation of the letter of intents, to the writing of the term-sheet, to the drafting and negotiation of the investment and shareholders’ agreements, as well as with regard to the issuance of convertible bonds and financial instruments, the structuring and execution of stock option plans and the drafting of incubation agreements.

At Laward we work with and for startups. And we do not do this only for business reasons. We strongly believe in innovators who want to be entrepreneurs and we undertake to support, in every possible way, everything that represents innovation and which may help to revive our entrepreneurial system, to create value, to help others.

Litigation and arbitration

We assist you in any kind of commercial, civil and corporate disputes, whether judicial or arbitration procedures, with specific reference to the sectors in which we provide non-contentious assistance.

While assessing legal, commercial and reputational risks, we focus on your commercial objectives.

Our activity starts at the preliminary stages of pre-litigation and develops into the deep analysis of the risks of the relevant proceedings, the recognition of the usable defensive subjects and negotiating weaknesses of opponents and the arrangement of the judicial strategy as well as the execution of it. In order to provide the best service, we act in each dispute in deep synergy with you and your consultants and court-appointed experts to obtain any useful information that might be beneficial to you.

Intellectual property

We provide assistance in order to protect your intangible assets (trade marks, patents, designs, know-how, trade secrets, copyrights), advising on intellectual and industrial property laws. In particular, we assist you in the evaluation of intangible assets, the contractual drafting and the enforcement strategies to provide the best protection of yours rights. Advice in this area is essential even during due diligence activity aimed to the execution of mergers and acquisitions and other extraordinary transactions.

Employment law and industrial relations

We start from an in-depth analysis of your business to find the most flexible and innovative solutions to address local and cross-border employment issues, both during the ordinary activity of the company and in case of reorganization projects, including complex corporate transactions.

We support employers in the day-to-day management of personnel, from the recruitment to the termination of employment, we help them developing tailored employee incentive plans and company policies, as well as contracts and related documents for all types of employees, workers, directors, consultants, contractors and agents. We partner with companies during the negotiations with trade unions and guide them through all aspects of the employment litigation process.

We assist managers and employees in relation to all employment issues, such as in case of individual and collective dismissals, mobbing, demotion, omitted payment of salaries and social contributions, requalification of the employment relationship.